Upgrade Your Master Key System to App-Based Access Control

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The TAMS access control experts talk a lot about the latest innovations in access control. From keyless entry and key fobs to cloud-based, app-controlled access, Silicon Valley has revolutionized the access control industry.

So why are you still relying on a physical master key system to secure your space? Master key systems require significant investment of money, time, and energy, from paying a locksmith to rekey all your locks when someone loses a key to managing dozens of keys and who can and can’t use them.
Here’s a look at some of our favorite products for upgrading master key systems to cloud-based access control keyless entry.

SALTO App-Based Access Control

One of our favorite new companies for cloud-based access control is SALTO. The company offers cloud-based key systems that are scalable to small offices and 40,000-foot facilities alike. Their lock designs fit seamlessly in DIN standard and ANSI mortise locks, so you won’t need to replace your doors. This makes SALTO products great for offices and other spaces with an existing master key system.

But instead of using a physical key, you grant access to individual employees and visitors through a smartphone app. Grant access to long-term employees for a number of years or day access to an electrician or plumber performing repairs. All data is transmitted over an encrypted network, with robust defenses against key cloning.

SALTO App-Based Access Control

Do you own or manage a business with frequent visitors, such as an apartment building, storage facility, or church? SALTO may be the perfect upgrade to your master key system. It’s easy to get started with SALTO—all you need is to invest in a few Bluetooth-enabled controllers. To access your property, visitors first download the SALTO app. You use a cloud-based program to grant or deny access instantly through the app. You can even set parameters for when and how much access each user has.

Access control systems that integrate technology are very effective at securing your facility. Contact TAMS today to learn more about cloud-based app access control systems and schedule your consultation.

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