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Let’s face it: electronic keys get lost, stolen, and passed around from employee to employee. And electronically guarded doors can be hacked if they are connected to WiFi. While electronic key solutions are often better options than old-school master key systems, a new security tool is revolutionizing the security industry: access control via phone app.
You heard that right. You can now control access to your building right from your phone. It’s a great solution for small properties or locations that lack the on-site computers to host a conventional electronic access control system. Cloud-based access control via app is convenient, affordable, and secure. Here’s a closer look at this new technology.

Cloud-based access control is convenient

With a cloud-based access control app, your phone becomes your keycard and your access control dashboard. Use the app to send electronic keys to anyone for any length of time. This versatility and accessibility makes app-based access control a great solution for businesses with a lot of one-time visitors, vendors, or employee turnover. With an app, you can give a maintenance or repair crew one-time access to your entire property or a single site.

Cloud-based access control is affordable

Access control apps require no investment in your own computer system. Instead, your data is stored in the cloud. App-based systems grow with your business. You can add secure access door by door, avoiding costly investment in expensive panels, networks, and wiring. We’ve seen our customers save up to 75 percent on per-door installation with app-based access control systems.

Cloud-based access control is secure

Unlike cards and keys, people do not share their phones. This makes phones more secure keys than physical cards do. When you send someone an electronic key through the app, you get to decide what doors they can access and how long their access lasts. When users access doors through the app, the app communicates with the lock via Bluetooth. This is more secure than communicating over a WiFi network, as Bluetooth connections are very difficult to hack.

One of our favorite cloud-based access control apps is Salto. Salto is a simple but secure and effective access control system. Interested in a secure, convenient, and affordable access control solution? Contact TAMS today to learn more about Salto and our other electronic access control systems. Contact the TAMS security professionals to design and install a cloud based system for your property. We can be reached at 612-843-2258 or online at www.tamsmn.com.

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