Don’t Wait to Repair Your Broken Commercial Doors

At TAMS, we help commercial property owners in the Twin Cities secure their facilities. Usually, that involves a sleek access control solution with electronic fobs, CCTV, and wireless security systems managed on the cloud. But sometimes, we get called in to help with something...

Door Maintenance Is Easy with a TAMS Door Services Maintenance Agreement

Whether they welcome customers into your store or separate suites in your office building, commercial doors work hard day in and day out. Keeping them in good working order is an ongoing need. Instead of paying a hefty fee for on-demand, emergency repairs, partner with TAMS to...

Property Crimes Are Down, But That’s No Reason to Scrimp on Security

The Bureau of Justice Statistics recently released crime data for 2014. The agency found property crimes declined between 2013 and 2014. But with millions of break-ins and thefts still happening each year, the good news is no reason to scrimp on the security of your commercial...

Keep Your Automatic Doors Sliding and Swinging with Routine Maintenance

Automatic doors are great options for retailers, but without routine maintenance and inspection, it’s easy for automatic doors to start working improperly. A quick, daily inspection of your automatic doors will allow you spot issues and schedule maintenance before a minor...

Don’t Rely on the Luck O’ the Irish for Your Commercial Property Security

With Friday the 13th and St. Patrick’s Day within a few days of each other this year, you may be feeling pretty lucky. But don’t leave the security of your Minneapolis commercial property up to luck. Without robust physical security measures and electronic security tools, you may...

Signing a New Lease? Keep Your New Commercial Space Safe and Secure

Whether you’re a new company just starting up or an established business, shopping for a new location is a big decision. Signing a commercial lease often requires the help of an attorney to make sure the terms are legal and in your best interest. But often, another major factor...

Prevent Intruders from Slipping Through Your Security Measures

In the wake of the White House fence-jumper who managed to get through the entry door and into the East Room on September 19, you may be wondering how to better protect your Minnesota commercial property from intruders. Omar Gonzalez was able to breach several security measures...

Fall Is a Great Time to Repair or Upgrade Your Commercial Doors and Locks

In Minnesota, fall clean-up is nearly as much of a tradition as spring cleaning. If you own commercial or industrial property, you probably have a list of repairs you’d like to accomplish before the cold weather sets in. Fall is a great time to repair or upgrade the doors and...