bigstock-Security-Camera-48233882 (1) CCTV cameras are the most popular way to ensure security of your facility or business and are the only way to visually monitor the premises 24-hours a day.

Electronic security is one of the largest and fastest changing technologies in the industry. All of the digital security products provided by TAMS are proven leaders in the industry and provide the highest level of protection and security. Utilizing CCTV solutions provides you a 24/7 visual record customized to your facility enabling you to view past events and events as they happen in real time.

The many brands of CCTV manufacturers that we partner with allow for TAMS to gear towards customized scalable solutions starting from small retail, office buildings, schools, banks, financials, to systems requiring hundreds of network able cameras. All of our products utilize state of the art sensors and lenses to produce the highest resolution recordings. For overnight security, our cameras are fully equipped to capture infrared and white light making it easy to see activity at night. 24-hour surveillance gives you peace of mind knowing that your facility or business is being protected and monitored all hours of the day. Advances in technology has allowed us to watch the live surveillance from our computers and even our smart phones which means you could be on the other side of the world and still see what is going on.

Camera Video Management Systems: Avycon, Bosch Video Management, Nuuo Video Management, Axis, Milstone

Additional Cameras: Hykvision, Digital Watchdog, Brickcom, Honeywell

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