Your phone is your key. With SALTO you can send secure electronic keys to anyone, from anywhere at any time, perfect for controlling access for employees, tenants, visitors and vendors.
Our encrypted SALTO electronic keys use Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi, making them essentially impossible to hack or duplicate and unlike cards and keys, people don’t share their phones.
Electronic access control is now affordable for every door. SALTO eliminates expensive panels, networks and wiring saving you up to 75% per door on installation.

Control access to your buildings with no on-site management

  • Perfect for smaller properties where management does not have internet service or on-site computers to host traditional access management systems.
  • Easy to use, control access with the app and a smart phone.
  • Allows maintenance and other one-time personnel into the building.
  • Removes the need to rekey areas when tenants move out.


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