Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.38.00 AM A Master Key System from TAMS is always customized to your needs, starting with a Grand master key that allows access to every keyway in the system, many Master keys can than be established to allow access to designated keyways within the Grand system, allowing you to limit access by department and or facility, Sub master keys can then be designated to further limit access to subordinates (departments) within each master group and yes we can go further and create more subordinate levels under the Sub master allowing for more levels of customized key control. A master key system can be set up with all commercial and most residential cylinders on the market today. Not required in this process are our interchangeable cores, depending on your needs we will highly recommend IC cores to provide you a convenient and cost saving service solution going forward.

If you are interested in TAMS Master Key Systems, give us a call we will be glad to help customize a solution with you.