It’s Time to Hang Up Your Master Keys for a More Secure, Accessible Solution

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Are you still carrying around a large keyring that jingles with keys for every door on your property, plus duplicates of master keys? It’s time to hang up and retire your physical master key system for something that’s easier to use and far more secure.

Drawbacks to Your Old Master Key System

Physical master key systems used to be the gold standard in access control. Building managers and owners would have a master key that opened every door on their property, while employees and guests would get individual keys to their apartments, offices, and common spaces.

While simple, a physical master key system does have drawbacks. Even with key logs and signed agreements not to duplicate or share keys, your employees or tenants lose keys, have keys stolen, and share keys with coworkers, family, and friends. You never truly know who has access to your property. Gradually, you will lose control over your access control system and have to have your entire property rekeyed.

Upgrading Your Master Key System

Fortunately, you have several options that are more secure and easier use than your current physical master key system. You can upgrade your system to an electronic, keyless one. Instead of keys, your employees or tenants would scan a keycard or punch in a code to open the doors they wish to access. Biometric systems are also available.

Or, you can look into a cloud-based access control system. With a cloud-based system, instead of a keycard or fob, your employees or tenants use smartphone app to enter your building. The app communicates with the electronic locks on your building, so doors automatically unlock as a tenant or employee approaches the door. You can approve or deny access instantly from anywhere through your online dashboard. Access to your building will never get into the wrong hands.

Our Favorite Cloud-Based Access Control Solution

One of our favorite cloud-based access control solutions is the SALTO access control platform. SALTO systems are used in variety of settings, from apartment buildings and movie theaters to hospitals and airports. Whatever your access control needs, SALTO has a solution.

SALTO keyless access control hardware integrates seamlessly with your current mortise locks, so there’s no need to replace doors or locks. The cloud-based dashboard allows you to manage who has access to what parts of your building. The application uses an encrypted network to communicate with your employee or tenant’s smartphone app, granting or denying them access instantly and securely.

You can even set your system to grant access on a request-only basis. The system will only allow users you’ve explicitly approved to gain access to your property. You can even set date and time access parameters for each user. This is a great feature if contractors, a cleaning service, or other outside services require occasional access to your property.

It’s time to hang up the keyring and upgrade to a secure, cloud-based access control system. TAMS can show you the different options available to you and help you choose the solution that’s right for your property. For more information, contact TAMS today.


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