Don’t Wait to Repair Your Broken Commercial Doors

At TAMS, we help commercial property owners in the Twin Cities secure their facilities. Usually, that involves a sleek access control solution with electronic fobs, CCTV, and wireless security systems managed on the cloud. But sometimes, we get called in to help with something much simpler and more urgent: door repair.

The first step in keeping any facility secure is making sure every door is in good working order. Doors that fail to latch, rub in the frame, and have busted locks pose safety and security hazards. So do doors with broken glass or automatic opening mechanisms that refuse to work. While these projects aren’t glamorous or use our expertise in cutting-edge access control technologies, they’re just as important.

Commercial Door and Lock Repairs

The TAMS team can assess, repair, and maintain exterior and interior commercial doors and locks. This includes simple interior doors and thermal and security exterior ones. Our team can also diagnose and repair your commercial garage doors. Our expertise extends from door repair to mechanical and electronic lock repair and replacement.

We’ve helped hundreds of commercial property owners out of door emergencies that would have otherwise left them in a lurch. Often, we can repair broken or damaged doors, locks, and mechanisms. But sometimes, the damage is so severe that we might recommend a replacement. If that’s the case with your broken door, lock, or mechanism, we’ll offer you cost-effective solutions that increase the safety and security of your property.

Once Your Door Is Repaired . . .

It’s time to regularly maintain it! Regular maintenance by a TAMS technician can prevent repairs down the road. It helps you avoid downtime and puts the safety and security of your property, employees, and guests first. We’ll keep your doors in good working order so you can continue to operate your business.

For emergency help with a broken door or to create a maintenance schedule for all of your doors, contact TAMS today.

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