Secure Your Bank with a Master Key System

In the financial industry, the security of your physical property is as important as the safety of your electronic information. Because they are open to the public, Minneapolis bank branches can be vulnerable to security breaches.

In addition to undercounter steel, safes, and vaults, a master key system can help you keep your building secure. As the manager, you’ll need access to the entire space, but your employees will rarely need a free run of the branch. A master key system can help you manage access to sensitive areas of your building.

Why Your Bank Needs a Master Key System

At your bank branch, you have a public lobby, teller desks, offices for your bankers, and likely a room with safe deposit boxes and other sensitive assets. You also have a break room and restrooms for your employees.

With a master key system, you’re able to control who can access all these areas. You may, for example, want to give all your employees access to the break room and restrooms. But you may want to give only your bankers access to the safe deposit box room, vault, or other sensitive areas. As branch manager, you’ll need access to every room and every exterior door.

A master key system allows you to access all rooms from a single key, called the master key, while limiting the access your employees have. For example, you may give your tellers access to their desks, the break room, and the restrooms while limiting their access to the safe deposit boxes or vault. The keys that open specific doors are called change keys.

Implementing a Master Key System at Your Bank

Establishing a master key system at your bank is simple. Start by listing the employees who will have the most limited access. Then create a list of who will have access to more rooms, such as your bankers or supervisors. The people on both these lists will receive change keys.  Finally, decide who will need access to every room. These people will receive master keys.

Then, call a reputable locksmith to rekey your locks or upgrade your locks to accommodate your new master key system. Your locksmith will cut the keys you need and give you recommendations on how to organize your system so you always know who has possession of your change and master keys.

To learn more about how a master key system can help keep your bank branch more secure, contact TAMS today.

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