Keep Your Automatic Doors Sliding and Swinging with Routine Maintenance

Automatic doors are great options for retailers, but without routine maintenance and inspection, it’s easy for automatic doors to start working improperly. A quick, daily inspection of your automatic doors will allow you spot issues and schedule maintenance before a minor adjustment becomes a major repair.

Inspect Automatic Door Hardware

When you arrive at your store in the morning, take a look at your automatic doors. Check for chips and cracks in the glass panels. Also take a look for bent or broken hardware. Don’t forget to check on the condition and placement of your threshold mats. They should be secured to the floor and allow the door to slide or swing open freely.

Check Sensors and Automatic Door Movement

Once you’ve taken a look at the door panels and hardware, check to see if the sensors are working properly. They should start opening the doors when you are about 4 feet from the door. The door sensor should also work when little kids cross its path, not just taller adults.

Stand in your door’s threshold. The door should not close on you. Then, step out of the threshold and watch your door’s movement.

A sliding door should close at about a foot per second. Then, it should slow down for the final 2 inches. Folding doors should close until the final 12 inches, then move more slowly until closed. Swinging automatic doors should swing closed slowly until there is about 10 degrees remaining. Then, it should move very slowly through the last 10 degrees.

If you’re happy with the way your doors are opening and closing, take a moment to make sure you have all the proper signage for your door. Also check to make sure there are no obstacles around your door that would prevent it from opening and closing properly and that would prevent people from using the door.

Your daily automatic door inspection only takes a few moments. If you discover that your door needs maintenance or repair, contact the professionals at TAMS. Our experts can fix the problem and put you on a maintenance plan to prevent major repairs.

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