Door Maintenance Is Easy with a TAMS Door Services Maintenance Agreement

Whether they welcome customers into your store or separate suites in your office building, commercial doors work hard day in and day out. Keeping them in good working order is an ongoing need. Instead of paying a hefty fee for on-demand, emergency repairs, partner with TAMS to get regular, expert maintenance for all your doors.

What Repairs Does the TAMS Door Services Maintenance Agreement Cover?

For a fixed monthly fee, your TAMS maintenance agreement covers everything but parts. It includes regular inspection of all your property’s common doors for proper operation, failing components, and safety and any needed repairs or tweaks that are required, including:

  • exterior door repair for thermal, security, and entrance doors
  • interior door repair
  • automatic door and handicap-accessible door repair
  • yearly certification of handicap-accessible doors
  • hardware repair and replacement
  • rekeying
  • jamb restoration
  • master key design and implementation

Your TAMS maintenance agreement also entitles you to a reduced after-hours emergency fee for any unexpected repairs and replacements. For piece of mind and ensuring that you maintain your budgets – a service contract can help you avoid that emergency that will entail a costly repair,

Avoid downtime and costly unscheduled repairs and replacement with a TAMS door services maintenance agreement. Contact our experts at 612-843-2258 today to learn more about the valuable program and to schedule your first maintenance appointment.

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