Don’t Rely on the Luck O’ the Irish for Your Commercial Property Security

With Friday the 13th and St. Patrick’s Day within a few days of each other this year, you may be feeling pretty lucky. But don’t leave the security of your Minneapolis commercial property up to luck. Without robust physical security measures and electronic security tools, you may be leaving your business vulnerable to theft of your physical and intellectual property.

Assess Your Physical and Electronic Property Security Needs

To understand where you’re vulnerable, you need to take a look at your current security measures. Take a moment to tour your property and reflect on your staff and the overall culture of company. Then ask yourself some fundamental questions:

  • What are your physical and electronic security measures?
  • Are your security measures able to handle threats to your business?
  • How quickly can the police department arrive at your business if a break-in or other incident occurs?
  • What security policies do you have in place for staff and visitors?
  • What is your staff’s attitude toward these policies and the security of your business generally?
  • Will your commercial insurance coverage adequately cover any losses you may have due to lax security measures?

After answering these questions, you should have an accurate idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your current security measures and policies. If there are holes in your security, read up on the options you have to better protect your property.

Physical Security Measures for Your Commercial Property

Each business has different physical security demands. Auto repair shops, hair stylists, banks, retail stores, office condos, junk yards, and gas stations all have unique security needs. But all businesses must install and maintain strong exterior and interior doors and locks. Locks should be rekeyed if a key is lost or kept by a former employee.

If you have multiple employees who need to access multiple doors, a master key system may be appropriate for your business. Master keys allow you and key staff members to access all doors from a single key while other employees use keys to access specific doors. Keep master keys in a locked interior office and develop and enforce a master key policy to prevent master keys falling into the wrong hands.

You may also wish to install undercounter steel or a vault to lock up important physical assets, such as documents, cash, and hard drives and jump drives containing your intellectual property.

Electronic Security Measures for Your Commercial Property

It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to enhance their physical security measures with electronic ones. Install an access control system on your exterior entrances to provide enhanced security there. Access control can also be used inside your building to control who has access to certain areas of your workplace.

To use your access control system, staff members and perhaps visitors will need key cards with electronic chips that communicate with the system. These cards should have their image and link to a database with their identifying information.

Security cameras are also becoming more effective thanks to technology. Integrate your cameras into one system so you can monitor multiple areas from a single computer. Many systems enable you to monitor your cameras off-site over the Internet.

Updating and upgrading your commercial property security can seem overwhelming. The security professionals at TAMS can help you develop a plan and put it into place. To get started, contact us today.

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