Don’t Let Your Security Slip during Your Holiday Vacation

Many families choose to get away for the holidays. But if you’re a Twin Cities business owner, you’ll likely spend some of your family time thinking about your business. Don’t let the security of your property be a worry this Christmas. Instead, integrate your access control system with your security cameras so you can monitor your business with the click of a mouse.

Today, your smart phone, tablet, and laptop keep you connected to your business even though you may be hundreds or thousands of miles away. Whether you’re traveling to grandma’s house over the state border or enjoying the holiday on a beach in the Bahamas, if you have a Wi-Fi connection or data service, you can monitor your business’s security.

Full System Integration

With system data now being stored electronically and online, you can monitor your access control and security cameras remotely. Often, these systems can connect to one another, giving you a clear picture of who is coming and going on your property even when you’re not there.

Access control systems manage who enters and leaves your building. You can install smart card readers at entry doors and even on garage doors if your business has a fleet of vehicles. The data and program that controls the system can often be accessed remotely. This means you can see if employees are showing up for work and if unauthorized people are attempting to gain access, even when you’re away from your desk.
Your access control system can connect to your security camera system. CCTV cameras can monitor your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most new systems record video digitally and are stored electronically. Many also offer real-time monitoring online. This means you can watch footage as the cameras are rolling, even when you’re opening presents or clinking glasses to ring in the New Year.
This holiday season, don’t spend time worrying about the security of your business when you should be celebrating and enjoying family. Instead, upgrade your access control and security camera systems so you can monitor your property from your smart phone, wherever you are. To get started, contact TAMS today at 612-843-2258.


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