Access Control Redundancy and Maintenance Help Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Property

Master key and access control systems can help you keep track of who has access to your building, but even the most secure system is not infallible. Unauthorized people will still gain access to your property from time to time.

Fortunately, adding redundancy to your access control procedures and regularly maintaining your access control system can help you reduce and even eliminate unauthorized access.

Redundancy Keeps You Secure

When safety and security is paramount, redundancy is a powerful tool. Incorporating multiple access control tactics can prevent some of the most common ways unauthorized users access your property.

It’s fairly common for people to tailgate behind an authorized user to gain access. A staff member may not realize the tailgater is unauthorized and hold the door for the person trying to sneak in. If you have a problem with tailgaters, consider installing a turnstile system that only allows one person to enter the building at the time.

Master key systems provide decent access control, but tracking lost or stolen keys is difficult and leave you vulnerable. Consider installing an electronic access control system to complement your master key system. Use the electronic access control to manage the exterior entry points and master key system to keep your interior rooms secure.

If your property is secured by an access control system, consider adding staff photos to your keycards. Make matching photos to people part of your entry procedure.

Maintain Your System for the Best Protection

Redundant access control systems are only effective if they are properly maintained. Access control system maintenance can include repairs, software updates, and installation of upgrades to make your system more robust.

Propped and unlatched doors can make your property vulnerable to unauthorized access. You can upgrade your electronic access control system to alert you when a door is propped open or unlatched. Another upgrade can alert you when a door has been opened by force. Install biometrics on your existing system to prevent tailgating and other unauthorized access.

Master key systems also benefit from regular maintenance. Regularly recoring or rekeying your locks will help prevent people using lost or stolen keys. You can also use an electronic key storage system to track who has keys and when keys are used.

Maintenance and redundancy keep your access control system effective against unauthorized access. Contact the TAMS security professionals to design and maintain a redundant access control system for your property.

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