3 Powerful Ways to Protect Your Minnesota Bank Branch from Theft

Bank fraud and online attacks are becoming more common in the financial industry, but physical threats to bank branches still linger. Enhance the physical security of your bank branch with these three security tactics.

  1. Security Cameras

Banks have used security cameras for years. Decades ago, still cameras took pictures of bank lobbies and customers. If a robbery or other theft occurred, a bank would have to send the film out to get developed before it could be used to nab a criminal.

Today, digital video cameras can be monitored in real time from the bank branch or anywhere else with an Internet connection. High-definition resolution can help law enforcement identify thieves or, in the case of the drive-up ATM or teller bays, keep a record of license plate numbers.

  1. Access Control

Has your bank branch upgraded its master key system to an electronic access control system? If not, it may be time to look into making the change. Electronic access control is more secure than a physical key system. Users must punch in a code or swipe a key card to gain access to teller stations and other secure areas.

Electronic access control allows you to authorize and de-authorize cards online. You don’t have to worry about a physical key being kept by a former employee or getting into the wrong hands. One access control system can control all of the doors in your branch. Along with biometrics, it can also be used to control access to safe deposit boxes.

  1. Vaults and Undercounter Steel

To secure your branch’s cash and other physical assets, a strong vault and undercounter steel are still your best options. With a strong door and lock, vaults are safe places to secure your branch’s larger assets. Undercounter steel keeps smaller sums secure at teller stations.

Commercial security experts can help you maintain and upgrade your vault so it continues to provide strong protection. They can also help you maintain and upgrade the undercounter steel at your teller stations and the offices of your bankers.

Physical security continues to be vitally important for bank branches. Remember to maintain and upgrade your physical security as you protect your electronic assets. To learn more about maintaining and upgrading your bank’s physical security, contact TAMS today.

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